Monday, May 03, 2010

a reflective post in this reflective space

The mid-year exams are already here. I hope the kids are studying hard for the exam. Consistency is the best policy over here, if they want to see progress.

I am glad that VP made mention of the plan they need to draw up to achieve their goals. Upon reflection, I find that, hey! I am actually doing that too, but subconsciously. In a way, that is a good way to plan for our goals because it enables us to constantly reflect what we have done and how we can do things better. I think it is very important to look to ourselves if we want to see progress. after all, it all boils down to our aims, motivation and drive. Others around us can give us advice, or offer us help, but if we don't take it up and consider very seriously, we only have ourselves to blame. Key thing here: humility will take us far, not arrogrance.

One interesting and reassuring fact that I learnt when conversing with friends and colleagues the past week:

"The most important skill that employers are looking for in the 21st Century are 1) effective communicators and 2) critical thinkers." Finally! After all the emphasis on Math and Science, Humanities is going to be the most important subject in schools. It is probably going to be the best subject to get people to think critically of certain issues in society.

Even as I am typing this post, I can't help feeling sad that in 5 months time, my alma mata will be closing down. The school building may still be there, but what is left will just be a shell. I will miss the kampung atmosphere. I will miss the teachers too. I am what I am today because of the support given by my teachers and peers. Call me old fashion, but I will still say out loud that despite the flaws of the school, I remain eternally grateful that I didn't ask for a transfer to a school of my choice even though I could. I will miss the good old times. Thank you Chai Chee for the opportunities given to me to grow! It may be a small, poor (?? well, in terms of infratsructure) neighbourhood school, nothing can take the richness of experiences and lessons I hearnt in the four years I was there.

Reminder to self
Goals till the mid-year that I need to achieve (work and non-work):
1) help the kids to do their best and pray hard that they don't get distracted

2) sort out, edit and add new written pieces in the writing project so that I can really get the book published!! (must do it by the end of the year)

3) draw up plans, balance work and personal time and refocus so that I can go back to volunteering either with SPCA or one of the nature conservancy groups

4) find a nice getaway place to recharge in June!

5) at the same time, while recharging in June, think of the proposal that I need to submit to apply for Masters and email the profs for advice


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