Thursday, August 21, 2008

looking to the Olympics for inspiration

As the Olympics draw near to an end, I must really pay tribute to Usain Bolt. That man is incredible. Won Gold for 100m and 200m and broke both world records. He has got talent. And he definitely puts his talent into good use.

I must also raise my hat to Natalia Dobrynska who managed to lead in almost all the events in heptathlon. How, she has so much stamina, discipline and patience to train and excel in both track and field events. And I though running 10km is tough enough, but no, this is even more crazy.

Here is the video for the MAN:

I know I am biased towards the track and field events. Phelps won 8 golds and broke 8 WR in swimming but hey, swimming and competing in water is different from pounding your feet on the ground. So there!