Thursday, February 21, 2008

The incredible, super thirty-nines of two extraordinary four

I have always believed that my adorable puppies are the best among the cohort. Knowing how to behave appropriately at certain situations. I always believe that if they give their best, they can beat the rest. They are smart. They can be quite mature at times.

Yet, it is sad that time and time again, the flaw that keeps popping up and shooting them in their feet is the lack of discipline and awareness of the surroundings. If only, if only they have the discipline. Then I won't have to punish them. If only, if only they have the discipline and constant maturity, then I wouldn't mind their cheerfulness and sense of humour, and cheekiness.

After all, what is so great about them is really their sincerity, cheerfulness and odd sense of cheeky humour. Which can be quite fun.

Only when they start getting too carried away then that's when I have, but no choice, to come down hard on them.

Sigh... =(

On the other hand... Midnight Monkey comes out to play! Interesting blog on disposing waste in Singapore.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Tale of Two Sheep

Shows where erosion takes place in a meander

not going to be the first time nor the last time

It doesn't seem surprising that teaching is an energy sapping job. Ask any teacher and I am sure that none will disagree with this statement.

While some may disagree with my emotional outbursts with my kids, every teacher has their unique ways of dealing with their students. Knowing myself, it would be impossible to hide my feelings as I am a very passionate and emotional person despite many having the impression that I am quiet and reserved.

Hopefully my darlings will understand why such drama had to happen and they will improve their attitudes towards learning. Admittedly I am biased towards Geography, being a full-blooded geographer, it is difficult to separate the professional and personal vocation of spreading the gospel of Geography and juggling the job of getting results. Yes, I admit that I am getting very exam orientated because of my job constraints. Will I kill any interest in Geography by pushing them this hard? I have no idea. I can only hope for the best.

Monday, February 11, 2008

It's been a long long time


I still hold on strongly to the belief that learning can be experiential and enjoyable when students have hands-on experiences in field trips; which was why I chose to microteach on field trips back in NIE. That belief was made stronger when I brought a small group of students out to the field to measure the velocity and properties of rivers in a small stream at Venus Drive. I could distinctively remember how the students were looking not too excitedly during the field trip. However, their attitude totally changed when they completed the fieldwork. So, instead of having trouble cajoling them to step in to the river in the beginning, they could not bear to get out of the stream at the end of the day. But it was fun. Reminded me of the great times I had as a student back in NUS doing research in a village for 3 weeks in Thailand.


If only I have the time to conduct fieldtrips for all my students. And if only they have the time for that. That would be fantastic. I guess, it is quite sad that Geography as a subject is quite disadvantaged in the Singapore education system? But, we shall have to make do with it and do our best. After all, who says that underdogs can't win the battle??


I wish I have all the time to talk to every single one of my students to get to know them better. I am still firmly convinced about my philosophy towards educating these kids. Results will come naturally when they are of good character. Well, speaking again from my experience. *g* I just feel sad that the system over here still puts a huge emphasis on results. Yet, like what my ex-teacher said yesterday when we visited her: It is inevitable in Singapore or we would not have survived and prospered. No easy solution, but it doesn't mean that I have lost hope. Come to think of it, it has been 10 long years since she first taught us. Time really flies and I can really understand how they felt about us when we were their students now.


It seemed only like yesterday as I stepped into school to do my Practicum. Really am grateful to Mel and my supervisor for all their advice and moulding of my perception and attitude towards teaching. I could not ask for more but they are to me the best CT and supervisor I ever had. The teaching profession would be disadvantaged if they were to quit.