Saturday, October 18, 2008

refugee children in Thailand

2 videos which I chanced upon while searching for resources for the November fieldtrip. I shall put them up on the other website when the appropriate time comes.

A 10-minute excerpt from the documentary 'Sacrifice'

UN-made documentary about children refugee in Thailand

These videos talk about how the hill tribes in Thailand survive. They also bring across the dire situation these people are facing as they flee from Myanmar to Thailand.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Will miss her concert in Singapore, but neever mind, I shall save money and buy the concert DVD when it's out. :)

Life as it is

While I am happy that everyone in my class is promoted, I somehow feel a little apprehensive about them going to Sec 3 next year. In a few months time, these people will realise that it is a whole different ball game in upper secondary. That's where the hard work starts.

I know some may think that it is ok to slack in Sec 3, but my question to them would be: how will you manage Sec 4 and how will you study and do well for your 'O' Levels if you do not even know the content for Sec 3? Always remember that you will be tested on work from both Sec 3 and 4 in the 'O' Levels. Don't give up if you struggle to understand certain concepts. Always have the right attitude and not let the subject control you.

It's going to be an exciting time for them next year when they will be exposed to many different choices. Ah, life will be much easier if we do not have to choose isn't it? But with choices come responsibility. We make choices everyday whether consciously or unconsciously. Some of these choices are going to impact our future, our career choices.

After all, it wasn't too long ago that I made the choice to enter Science stream in Sec 3. At that time, I harboured thoughts of working in the laboratiry. It seemed so recent that I made the choice to cross over to do a combination of Geog, Lit, Economics and Maths in JC. Because I loved the arts and humanities too much to give them up. And since then, my career choice has revolved around the opportunities offered by these subjetcs.

Some may say that I am foolish. Giving up the more lucrative Sciences and going into the Arts and Humanities. But I want to follow my heart. I want to follow my passion. Have I regretted? No. Life may be slightly difficult for me, but at least I can say that my decision is based on clear conscience.

And so what? It doesn't mean that I am condemned to some low-paying jobs. Even if it's low-paying I would still say it's worth the sacrifice. As long as I have a clear conscience. That's life. Life will not be perfect.

I choose to be happy to follow my dreams. Some may choose to sarifice their dreams for a well-paid job, but it doesn't mean that they will be happy. Choose and live with the consequences.

And be the best.

I guess for me, I am always making things difficult for myself. :P First going to some anonymous neighbourhood school then travelling on a road slightly less travelled. I guess I always have to prove to everyone else that I will be able to shine in what I am doing, regardless of whether I come from somewhere obscure. But then again, it's a challenge I relish. Sometimes with some negative aspects, but like I said again, life isn't perfect. Is it satisfying? Yes, it is.

So, if anyone asks me if I regretted making those choices back then during my school days? My answer would be no. Never. Not in my whole life.